Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save THE Date

I'm so truly sorry for my long haul from baking! It's been like what... four months? Due to my new commitment and the big event coming up, I really couldn't spare much of my time to bake. I truthfully apologise for rejecting so many orders of yours (i know, sooner or later, i wont even get any enquiry :( )

But i finally squeeze sometime for these:

Chocolate cupcakes top with pretty swirls!

This is exactly how I like my cupcakes to look like: simple, fluffly, soft, and pleasant. Yes, simple as it is, no fondant figurine. A bite on the soft Swiss buttercream, heavenly!
The cupcake is actually made for a Save The Date purpose. Save The Date is fairly common in the Western countries but unfortunately not in Malaysia. It is usually sent out 6-12 months before a wedding to remind the guess to save the date for the wedding.

I don't think of the receipients will forget when is the wedding now! :p

Aren't this pretty? I don't mind to have this as an wedding invitation too!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Sorry

I'm so heavy-hearted to say that I will be closed for order from 11 April - 4 May due to certain unforseen circumtances.

However I will still be able to reply your emails so feel free to drop me a word or two; and also to place the order for MoM's Day!

Cheers and Warmly,

MoM's Day

I know I know... it sounds like waaaaaaaay to early to talk about Mothers' Day; but hey it is April already! No harm to do a little early preparation. Seriously I have enquiries about Mothers' Day cupcakes even before April. Talking about planning ahead, ya?

So the Happy MoM Day cupcakes! A pale pink and purple theme, I minimise the fondant decorations as I think all mums (or most mums) will prefer something less sugary so this is a refreshing orange and poppyseed cake flavour with pretty buttercream frosting.

This is no doubt my favourite cupcake design, simple yet graceful; and it made the cupcake looks so yummy.

My other favourite: pyramid of stars. I love love love the mild pink here...

Tiny swirls of roses....

I think all MoM deserves something sweet this Mother's Day. Soft, gentle, sweet, understated, right, that's mother.

Limited order only for this Happy MoM Day set. So hurry up and place your order. RM 50 per set.

Happieeee Birthday

I love Birthdays, who doesn't right?
I got a call from a mother, ordering cupcakes in individual packing for her daughter's birthday celebration at school. How nice it is to receive a cute cupcake in school! How come I never last time?? Oh well...

So I made a magic wand..... with sparkles...

and a butterfly in the garden...

... and a cute little pressie, and by now, I suppose you realise the theme colour is pink and yellow...

... a tall swirl of buttercream with flowers... So sweet, eh? I also had crowns, hearts and many more.... I was imagining the children comparing their cupcakes in the classroom, whose cuter whose nicer and so on.... hahaha...

Cupcakes packed in individual casing and if you look carefully enough, you can see the sticker I printed for the birthday girl. Hmm.. I wish I am part of the birthday celebrations! I have not receive any cakes for my birthday for the last 2-3 years. : (

Obsessed with Hearts

Hello..... (*waving hands*)

I knew I had abandoned this blog long enough and yet I still receive emails and calls enquiring about the cupcakes, ahhh... I am so blessed.

I had just whipped and sent off a set of cupcakes to a customer, she contacted me just a couple days ago to order the cakes and she emailed me the design that she wanted. So I improvised a little bit and tada~~~

I call it "Obsessed with Hearts" cupcakes, lovey and dovey.... it is still sweet nonetheless...
"Will you...." (no one single girl will say no to you if you propose with a box of, or even just one, cupcake! Right girls?)

Oh... my favourite of the bunch... cute little rosettes

It might sounds cliche but it is that simple and straight forward....

The customer requested a card with message to go with it, so I have it done with the similar colour of black, red and ivory..... and the little culpit.

I love to make people happy with cakes, because I do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am still Baking

Hi peeps!

I just realised that this site hasn't be updated for quite some time. I have customers emailing me and ask whether I am still operating...

and Yes! Of course I am! I have been taking orders here and there and sometimes I am just delighted how all these customers know about me and thrilled with their trust to order from me just via the World Wide Web.

Just a couple of pictures that I managed to snap in between of my orders:-
The Petites! I think this can top my Best-Seller chart!

Designs requested by customer with a Twilight theme. (I am almost off the hook from the teenage stuff for a very long time so I need to google to know what Twilight is :p)

It's the last week of March now, how fast! What's up next? Maybe some Mother's Day Special?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello all! Christmas came and go, had a fair share of the Chinese New Year cookies and layer-cakes and waved goodbye to the roses and chocolate of Valentines' Day; and we really need something to cheer up our days ya?

So hey the beach bears!

It's a birthday cupcakes set for a girl who adores the colour blue! I love the piping of buttercream which makes the frosting looks like the wavy sea!

The sun bathing bear! With the blue bikini somemore! :D

My favourite! I couldn't help to laugh at this clumsy bear!

Aw oh..... A bear which is buried by the sand. We all still like to play this when we are at the beach right?

I look forward to more of these cutesy-bitsy cupcakes in the coming days and oh yes, not forgetting everyone who ordered the Valentines' Day cupcakes! Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I do!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love is in the Air

The smell of the Chinese New Year cookies is still lingering around but hey all, we are welcoming the St Valentines' Day now. A day which is usually associated with roses, chocolate, candle-light dinner and soft toys; and now, I shall add one more on the list, the Cupcakes!
6 pcs of cupcakes, seated on a white ceramic plate, in the shape of a heart. That's my creation for all Valentines out there.

I decided to go without any fondant figurine this round. I think Love between two destined people is sweet, fuss-free and straight forward. So a beautiful swirl of buttercream is all we needed on a cupcake today.
Unlike the classic chocolate cake which I used for the Xmas and CNY gift sets, I opt for the vanilla cupcake, filled with hazelnut cream and frosted with yummy strawberry buttercream. You gotta try the strawberry buttercream to know how great does it taste! Yumm...
This set of cupcakes is yours at RM 35.00. I look forward to your order and the smile on your loved one's face.
Closing date: 11 Feb 09

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The XOXO season! and a little game for everyone

Jingle bells rang, Angpows collected, what's next?

The St Valentine's Day for the lovebirds!

This Valentine's Day, share with me your story of buying your gf/bf a Valentine's present. The dilemma of choosing the right present, the gigs of hiding the present, the spoiler of him/her discover the present in your closet.....

The funniest, adorable and touching story will be getting a complimentary Valentine's Day gift set from goodThings!

Email your story to wgoodthings@gmail.com on or before 10 February 09. Forward the msg to your friends, Good Things are meant to share, isn't it?


Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year

It's the merriest time of the year now, isn't it? Roads are jammed, lights are up, music are loud, everything is in red....

I've just summed up a major part of my baking marathon and only some left tomorrow which is for my own home. This time every year, I am busy baking various cookies and cakes for my immediate families even before I started my little cupcakes venture. So to top it off my list, I managed to squeeze in some cupcake orders in my schedule.

Hence, a very big thank you to those who placed your order for this Chinese New Year and a very big sorry to those that I have to reject your order due to my tight schedule. Order shall be resume by 2 February.

Once again, Happy New Year and hope it is a year filled with love, peace and health.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Which Girl Left Her M.A.C. Behind?

Hello all!
I've really prayed hard for a good weather recently. It had been raining cats and dogs in my city for the past few days. I hate the wet weather and it made me lazy. What a reason?!

In fact I have started my CNY baking craze. Like past years, I will have to bake cookies and cakes for a couple of my extended families and it usually won't stop until the day before the new year's eve. It is just that for this year, I still have a couple of orders to manage and hence time is essence for me.

In between of all, I managed to bake this set of Cosmetic Themed cupcakes set. So here it is:-

A mixture of the cosmetic figurine and simple roses designs.

A blusher from M.A.C. One of my favourite item among the cosmetic range, I mean in real life. I can't seem to leave my blusher behind. :p

A nail polish, on another hand, is something which i can totally live without...

What is a collection of cosmetic if it is without the lipstick, right?

Despite all the fussy fondant figurine, I include a couple of simple designs this round which I personally adore.

Another roses design and a fraction of the M.A.C foundation.

For more pictures, please visit my flick page. http://flickr.com/photos/wsgoodthings/

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Birthday Ducklings

Before I begin my Christmas baking craze, I helped my friend with her son's 1st Birthday's party. Right, CUPCAKES! What else eh?

It is said that the baby boy reacts when he sees the image of a duck and he (or to be precise, the family helped him) collects the rubber duck toys, hence the theme is the quack quack ducklings.

She did ordered a big birthday cake for the birthday boy and all the cupcakes were given away to guests as a party favours.

On top of that, as Christmas is just around the corner that time, so in order to add a touch of the xmas-y mood, I baked him some gingerbreads! I gotta say I love these gingerbreads, the taste of ginger is just right for my taste. (It is also the same gingerbread that I used for the xmas gift sets)

Along with the gingerbread, I also throw in some petite cupcakes to fill up the cocktail corner. It is actually quite fun to see all my goodies to be well displayed during a dinner / celebration. :)

I love all the bakings, I do!